Wyoming Missing Canines
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We help locate missing or stolen pets and give pet owners the tools to keep their furbabies safe. This is a place to share pictures and information on missing or found pets, and to help put an end to flipping or baiting for fighting. We work to prosecute the humans who are involved in abuse or theft.
"Our mission is to prevent the abuse and/or the theft of dogs in the State of Wyoming through promoting responsible pet ownership, community education and enhanced public and private agency communication."

Between June 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013 there are 143 dogs missing and unaccounted for in the Casper area, represented by this map. We obtain from the Casper Humane Society each month a log of dogs reported missing. We attempt to contact each dog owner to see if the dog has been returned to the owner. 
Map of Casper's Missing Dogs