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"Our mission is to prevent the abuse and/or the theft of dogs in the State of Wyoming through promoting responsible pet ownership, community education and enhanced public and private agency communication."

The morning of November 4, at 3:30am, Meg Plunkett crashed/rolled her car traveling from Chicago to Utah. She was 10 miles east of Lyman, Wyoming on I-80, between mile marker 50 & 51. Fortunately, her dog Riley made it out safely, but obviously traumatized by the accident, ran away from the scene. His name is Riley. He is a collie spaniel golden retriever mix, golden color with a white belly, white & tan speckled muzzle & he is about 30 pounds. He has his choker collar on, as well as a red collar with his name tag & Meg's contact information on the back. Right now Meg left her jacket, blanket, beach towel, dog treat, pillow & dog bone at the crash site hoping Riley would return. Officer Jill Wilsen of Lyman Pet Patrol has been actively searching since then. Please if you see this dog, contact Meg at .630-550-0747.

Riley is still missing as of April 16th

​This is the season that pet theft escalates across many cities in Wyoming, especially along the interstate corridors. Dogs from Casper have been found in Gillette and Cheyenne, a dog from Glenrock was found in Douglas, etc. PLEASE watch your animals as the increase in unemployment has created an increase in the dog flipping industry.